Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kiara's First Post!

Two wonderful Witches are back and ready for 6th grade. In our district, Seventh grade is when we start junior high. So we are happy to finally be the big kids. We may not have as many post, as you've probably noticed, because we are very busy with homework, gathering school supplies, and more. We're sorry about that but STAY TUNED! We wont be gone forever! We will every once and a while be making posts about school, and harry potter. To end this post; we want to ask you, how your summer has been? Thanks and keep following the magic
-Kiara and Jules two wonderful witches.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Post A Thon: Post 2

           Hello! It's the Whizbees Kiara and Jules, with our special guest Jenna. For our second post of the Post A Thon we are going to share embarrassing moments.

Jenna- I was in my room with my curtain and window open singing Hannah Montana really loud with my HM wig on and my mom's friend was looking at me.

Kiara- I was volunteering at a Boy Scout camp and I went swimming with 26 boys and my swim suit strap almost slipped.

Jules- I was in Kindergarten and I went to the bathroom. The bathroom was connected to the classroom and I started singing Hannah Montana and when I came out my teacher said "Nice voice" Then the whole class started cracking up!

While we are making this post, Kiara and my brother are shooting Nerf guns and Plastic arrows at each other!! Hahaha.

-Love the Whizbees with our guest Jenna.

Post-a-thon is starting!

      Hello! It's the Whizbees, Kiara, Jules and our special guest Jenna. How was your 4th of July??? Ours was good. This is the beginning of our very first POST A THON!!!
      We will be posting whenever we can. ( remember we are going to be really busy doing things so we might not post to much) So stay in tune for the magic. Featuring, things you never knew about Harry Potter, Sleep Overs, Jokes, Recipes, and more. See you soon
Love, The Whizbees!

Kiara's Neon Night!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HAPPY 4th!

          Hello, it's the Whizbees, Kiara and Jules! We want to wish you a happy 4th Of July!!! We want to know what you are doing for the 4th! Are you having a BBQ, a party, dodger game (which Jules, the author, is going to.), or anything else!
         Thanks for checking in. Come back soon for more magic! Love,
Jules and Kiara, The Whizbees.

P.s. check in tomorrow for a sleepover post-a-thon!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sleep Over

           Hello! Welcome! In a few days the authors are going to have a sleep over. During this sleep over we will  have a Harry Potter marathon, a Post-a-thon, make waffles, play games, and more.
          We will be taking pictures for the post-a-thon, that we will be posting. A Post-a-thon is a stream of posts that give updates every hour and a half about what we are doing throughout the day. It'll be fun, I hope you enjoy it too.
        Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the magic. Come back soon for more fizzy fun.
Love, The Whizbees, Jules and Kiara

p.s. Our sleep over is taking place July 5th.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome to our new blog!

           Hello! This is the first post of our new blog! I hope you like it. Today I will be describing the authors, Jules and Kiara. We are both eleven, both like Harry Potter, or any witchcraft or wizardry! We will be blogging about Mischievous happenings and how we manage them. Not only that, we will also be talking about activities we do together. Such as sleepovers, D.I.Y's, recipes,  upcoming events, etc.  We have been friends for quite a while now. So we thought we would make a blog. Please help us along, and follow us. Thanks and check in soon for more posts!
-The Fizzing Whizbee's

Wands from Ollivander's!